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Exclusive Services

Because we believe in justifying the writing tasks we undertake, we only provide a limited variety of services. Our writing services are a fantastic mix of regularly requested writing styles as well as unique expressions. Individuality, precision, clarity, and jargon-free language are all important aspects of the services we provide.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose commonly known in its abbreviated form as SOP is amongst the most important documents required from a student while he/she applies to an international university. The purpose of SOP is to convey to the University you are applying to your passion and knowledge towards your subject and convince them of your acquired skills. Your vision towards the course through relevant short term and long-term plans is equally crucial to your SOP. Usually, students misunderstand the core purpose of a good SOP and in turn create an elaborate and descriptive SOP missing the point. The SOP criteria may vary from one university to another and from one country to another. We at Word Weaver study the University criteria as well as the course outline and curriculum along with the specific University criteria. Correspondingly, we communicate with the candidate in order to completely comprehend his/her background, experience, skills, achievements and futuristic vision to help develop a pointed and successful SOP. 

Word Weaver caters to two types of SOP:

  1. SOP for course applications to Universities for Bachelor's/Master's/PhD programs

  2. SOP for Scholarships/Fellowships/Grants for the aforementioned programs

Cost :

  • INR 3000/- For Bachelor's Program

  • INR 4000/- For Master's Program

  • INR 5000/- For PhD


Resume/CV and Cover Letter

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the most important document that one has to produce when applying for a job or applying for a course at a University. It is also the document that creates a first impression of your personality in front of the recruiter/employer/institution that you’re applying to. Although resume writing may seem to be a simple task, it is not, and requires to be drafted tactfully so as to accentuate certain aspects of your experience and skills. At Word Weaver we understand that each individual is unique having their own acquired skill set and therefore we believe in an open communication with our clients in order to understand their experience, skills and achievements within their respective fields better. This helps us craft a simple but systematic and effective resume containing highlighted relevant details presented before the recruiter/institution in a manner unique to your field of specialization. 

For several job applications, a cover letter along with the CV/Resume is a prerequisite. A Cover Letter is a supporting document that explains and justifies the applicant’s application suitable for the vacant position. A cover letter is meant to be precise, pertinent and convincing and Word Weaver delivers exactly this so as to make your dream job land in your lap.

Cost :

  • INR 2000/- Resume/ CV (within 5 business days)

  • INR 4000/- Resume/CV (express resume within 2 business days)

  • INR 500/- Cover Letter


Academic Writing

Academic Writing is a very specific style of writing that involves extensive research. It is a formal mode of writing that is argumentative and research intensive. The audience of this form of writing are academicians who often comment on/rely on and even critique this form of writing. Therefore, academic writing is held accountable for the information it supplies and the claims it makes. We at Word Weaver are extremely careful of the tone, diction, structure and style of academic writing so that we produce a formal, precise, objective and coherent piece of writing that is plagiarism free and original. The following services are taken care of under academic writing: 

  1. Conference/Seminar Papers

  2. Essay

  3. Research Papers/Articles

Word Weaver only caters to academic writing in the following fields:

  1. Arts and Humanities

  2. Social Sciences

  3. Art History


Cost :

  • INR 5/- per word


Article/Blog Writing

An article or blog usually contains a short but informative piece of writing on any topic. The common factor to both – articles and blogs is the target audience. This form of writing can be on wide ranging topics and cater to a diverse audience. The purpose of writing a blog or an article may be different for each individual but both require a very clear stream of thoughts in order to convey ideas and information to the target audience in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Word Weaver understands client’s needs and the target audience and accordingly develops a well-researched, easy flowing piece of writing that is structured, innovative, informative and convincing.

 Kindly note: Word Weaver only provides the content for the blog and does not develop or create a blog on the web.

Cost :

  • INR 4/- per word


Artist Statement

An artist statement is a brief statement on the art work produced by an artist. The artist statement can either be a short statement expressing the ideas/thoughts that the artist wishes to convey about his/her produced original art work or it can also be an elaborate description of the art work including details such as the process and medium along with the ideas conveyed. This is a special writing service that Word Weaver caters to by examining an art work, taking into account multiple dimensions. We then communicate with the artist and understand his/her thought process so as to develop an artist statement that is tailored to the artist’s needs.​

Cost :

  • INR 4/- per word


Content Editing and Proofreading

A well-written document would be one that is edited and proofread. Word Weaver offers its clients these two services in order to make sure that the written document is error-free and ready to be published. We majorly focus on identifying grammatical errors in the document and rectifying them, using appropriate language, tone and diction as per the requirements and restructuring disparaged sentences, in order to make sure that the document is error-free and appears cohesive and coherent. 

Cost :

  • INR 2/- per word


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